Corrosion Test Salt Spray Test Chamber Programmable Corrosion Testing Machine

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Model Number: CH-200
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Product Name: Salt Spray Test Chamber Key Word: Salt Spray Chamber
Standard: GB,GBT,IEC,ISO,QB Control Time: 1S ~ 9999H Can Be Set Arbitrarily
Spray Time: 1S ~ 9999H Can Be Set Arbitrarily Setting Time: 1S ~ 9999H Can Be Set Arbitrarily
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GBT Salt Spray Test Chamber


Programmable Salt Spray Test Chamber


Programmable salt spray machine

Product Description

Corrosion Test Salt Spray Test Chamber Programmable Corrosion Testing Machine


Salt Spray Test Chamber Corrosion test is to test the salt corrosion resistance of materials and the protective coatings. To test the manufacturing technology for components, electronics, metal materials and other industry products, and the ability of corrosive resistance.


Temperature and humidity range:
  1. Temperature: RT+10 ~ 65℃
  2. Relative humidity: > 85%HR
  3. Brine test: chamber temperature :35±1℃ Saturation temperature :47±1℃ PH value :6.5 ~ 7.2
  4. Corrosion resistance test: test chamber temperature :50±1℃ Saturation temperature :63±1℃ PH value :6.5 ~ 7.2​

Control Precision:
  1. Heating rate: within 1 hour to 65℃±2℃
  2. Temperature uniformity (no load) : ≤2.0℃ (no load)
  3. Salt spray sedimentation: 1-3mL /h per 80cm2 after spraying for 16h) Total number of sprayers: 2 (to ensure uniform distribution of salt spray)
  4. Temperature resolution: 0.1 ℃
  5. Temperature deviation: ±1℃
  6. Temperature uniformity: 2℃
  7. Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5℃ (constant)
  8. Spray pressure: 0.08 ~ 0.12mpa Air pressure :0.2 ~ 0.4mpa
  9. PH: Neutral salt spray test (NSS) 6.5 ~ 7.2 Acetate spray test (AASS) 3.0 ~ 3.3 Cu-accelerated acetate spray test (CASS) 3.0 ~ 3.3
  10. Control time: 1S ~ 9999H can be set arbitrarily
  11. Spray time: 1S ~ 9999H can be set arbitrarily
  12. Setting time: 1S ~ 9999H can be set arbitrarily

Test Chambe ESE/Combination ECSE-270 ECSE-408 ECSE-800 ECSE-1200
Type ECSE Test Space Volume (L) 270L 408L 800L 1200L
Inner Dimentsion (W×D×H)mm 900×600×500 1200×800×500 1600×1000×500 2000×1000×600
External Dimension (W×D×H)mm 2450×1553×1430 2830×1560×1830 2830×1560×1830 3630×1560×1930
Salt water tank volume(L) 25L 40L 40L 60L
Salt Fog/Condensate Test

Temp. Range (℃) :RT+5℃~50℃

Humid. Range :Relative humidity/Saturated Humidity

Saturated Air Barrel Temp Range:RT+5℃~65℃

Salt Spray Sedimentation Rate:1~2ml·80cm²·h /Others are adjustable

Climate Testing

Temp. Range :10℃~80℃

Temp. Deviation:±2.0℃

Temp. Fluctuation:±0.5℃

Temp. Uniformity:±1.0℃

Humid. Range(℃):20%RH~98%RH

Humid. Deviation:+2.0%RH/-3.0%RH

Humid. Fluctuation:±3.0%RH


Control Interface LCD Touch Screen Digital Control , LED Digital Display control(Touch Screen Adjustable)
Power AC380V±10%,50HZ,3/N/PE, AC230V±10%,50HZ,1/N/PE
Test Standards Reference GB,ISO,ASTM,BS,DIN,JIS, etc National or International Standards
Customized Function And Model Satisfy Diverse Customers' Needs, Can Provide Special Function And Customized Model
ESE-X(X stands for volume)
Type ESE Test Space Volume (L) 108,270,408,600,800,1200
Inner Dimentsion (W×D×H)mm Reference ECSE Series
External Dimension (W×D×H)mm The Size Is Smaller Than ECSE Series
Salt water tank volume(L) Reference ECSE Series
Standard Version Option Version
C-BAR Air Compressor Unit
V Shaped Speciman Rack Reagent Grade Analysis Pure Sodium Chloride(NaCl)
Measuring Cylinder Reagent Grade Copper Chloride(CuCl2HO)
Reagent Grade Analysis Pure Sodium Chloride(NaCl)500g*2 Reagent Crade Glacial Acetic Acid(CH3COOH)


Salt Spray Test Chamber Standard:

1. Gb-t6451-2002 Classification of metallic or other inorganic coatings on metallic substrates after corrosion

2. JIS H8502 Brine spray test method

3. Iec68-2-52 1996 Salt spray test

4. Evaluation standard for salt spray test

5. ISO 9227-2006 Test methods for saline spray

6. GB /T 12967.3-91CASS Accelerated acetate spray test

7. Qb-t3828-1999 Copper Salt accelerated acetic acid salt spray test CASS

8. GB/T2423.17-2008 Salt spray test method

9. GBT 20121-2006 corrosion test of metals and alloys in artificial atmosphere


Structural Features:
  • The Salt Spray Test Chamber inside are made of Grade A grey PVC(thickness 8mm) imported from Germany, which is resistant to high temperature, high humidity and high corrosion, welded by advanced ring belt production stereo reinforcing technology. The structure is strong and solid, never deformable, gorgeous and elegant, suitable for all kinds of test specifications such as brine spray and copper acetate. (The interior of the laboratory adopts the three-dimensional surrounding technology of stainless steel plate, which can effectively prevent the internal deformation of the box)
  • Test medicine replenishment bottle hides the integrated test medicine replenishment bottle, easy to clean and easy to operate.

Trial refill bottle:

It is easy to clean and operate.


Test hole:

The side of the test box is provided with two φ 100 mm lead holes, and matching screw locking hole cover and temperature and corrosion resistant soft silicone plug



There is a studio light at the inspection window of the test chamber door


Salt water tank installation:
  • The salt water tank is equipped with an electric mixer to prevent salt crystal precipitation from affecting the brineconcentration.
  • The salt water tank outlet is installed with a sand core filter, to ensure that the salt spray nozzle clean to avoid blockage.
  • Equipped with transparent salt water tank liquid level indicator bar, easy to view the salt liquid level; And the installation of electronic liquid level transmission.

Sensors provide alarm detection:

The pressure saturation barrel is made of SUS304,2.0 stainless steel.

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