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MIL STD Water Cooled 252L ESS Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Price : To Be Negotiated
Packaging Details : Wooden packing Delivery Time : 30-35 business days after received the payment
Payment Terms : L/C, T/T, Western Union Supply Ability : 25 per month
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Envsin
Certification: CE and ISO Model Number: ETS6250S3

Detail Information

Product Name: Thermal Shock Test Chamber Test Space: 252L
Internal Size: 700*600×600mm (W*D*H) External Size: 1700mm*2300mm*2250mm(W*D*H)
Power Supply: AC380V±10%,50Hz±1 Four Wire Three Phase+ Earth Wire(3/N/PE),Earthing Resistance<4Ω Max. Power: 60KW
Max. Currency: 100A Cooling Method: Air-Cooled
High Light:

252L Thermal Shock Test Chamber


Water Cooled 252L ESS Test Chamber


MIL STD Water Cooled ESS Chambers

Product Description

252L Ess Test Chamber MIL STD Thermal Shock Test Chamber Water-Cooled Chamber

The product is designated to exam the endure capacity of the whole set equipment, components, spare parts and so on under the rapid changes in temperature. To know the effect to samples which caused by temperature change once or many times. The main parameters affecting the temperature change are high temperature and low temperature values, temperature rate, sample holding time in high or

low temperature , and the times of cycle.


Products Tech Specification(Feature):

Test Space


Internal size

700*600*600mm (W×D×H)

External size

1090mm*1960mm*1995mm (W*D*H)

MIL STD Water Cooled 252L ESS Thermal Shock Test Chamber 0

Power supply

AC380V±10%,50Hz±1 four wire three phase+ earth wire(3/N/PE),Earthing resistance<4Ω

Max. Power


Max. Currency


Cooling Method


System structure

Three part structure:immobile independent test area.Preheating area. Precooling area

Installation Site


  • Work station ground should be flat, good ventilation; no flammable article, corrosive gas or dust
  • No strong electromagnetic radiation source nearby
  • Close to drainage system (within 2 meters to refrigeration unit) for condensate water)
  • The ground bearing capacity not less than 20000kg/m2
  • Prepare proper power supply and water supply
  • If need water or gas supply, should be equipped with in advance
  • Ambient Temp: 5℃~25℃suggested, 25℃~35℃ function well;(for air-cooled model);5℃~40℃ function well (for water-cooled model)
  • Ambient Humid:≤85%RH
  • Ambient Pressure:86KPa~106KPa; 1.8.10 Installation spaceassurances as following

MIL STD Water Cooled 252L ESS Thermal Shock Test Chamber 1






Cooling water

Water Temp:5℃≤Water Temp≤28℃ reach all technical index, 28℃<Water Temp≤33℃ function well(cooling time will change)

Water source Temp ≤10℃,need to prevent condensate water arise

1: No cooling water supply is required if air-cooling system is installed


2: If water-cooling system is required, the capacity of cooling tower≥15 tons or capacity of chilling unit≥40KW (at 20℃);3:Cooling water system should be GB50050-1995 industrial cycling cooling water treatment design regulation standard

Water flow:≥15 ton/h

Pipe diameter:G2.5 inches ×2

hydraulic pressure:0.3MPa~0.6MPa

Hydraulic Pressure Difference:≥0.2MPa

Water quality requirement:GB50050-1995

Air compression

compressed air supply pressure:0.6MPa~0.7MPa Humidity of compressed air under Pneumatic use:≤30g/m³

Humidity of compressed air under dry air use:≤1.5g/m³



Working chamber temp shock test parameter

Thermal Shock Test Chambers--S2:

  • Low-temp shock range:﹣55℃~﹣10℃
  • High-temp shock range:+60℃~+150℃

Low-High+Room Temperature Shock Test Chamber-S3:

  • Low-temp shock range:﹣65℃~﹣10℃
  • High-temp shock range: +60℃~+150℃
  • PAMP Environmental Stress Screening
  • Low Temp. Range:﹣55℃~﹣10℃
  • High Temp. Range: +60℃~+125℃
  • Temp. Gradient:3~30℃/min
  • Temp. Fluctuation:±0.1℃~±1.0℃
  • Temp. Uniformity:±0.5℃~±2.0℃
  • Temp Deviation:<±2℃


1.Testing with no load, meeting GB/T5170-2008, if no other special notice.


2.Temp. range in 0℃~+60℃, setting Shock temp. and RAMP Environmental Stress Screening function are disapprove.


3. Air cooled test chamber test data at Ambient Temp. 25℃, good ventilation condition;35℃≥RT>25℃ function well; low temp range, cooling rate and thermal load capacity will be affected by the changeable environment temperature.


4.Water cooled test chamber test data at water temp ≤28℃, Hydraulic pressure 0.3MPa~0.6Mpa, Hydraulic Pressure Difference≥0.2Mpa

Preheat temp.

Temp. SV: +50℃~+220℃

Temp rise time: RT→+220℃ 50min

Precool temp.

Temp. PV:﹣75℃~+70℃ Temp. reduction time: RT-75℃ 60min

Temp. recovery time

<15min(measure in air outlet)

Test standard


                           S2 Test Standard:


                           MIL STD 202F, method 107G

                           IEC 60068-2-14, Test Na

                           BS 2011

                           DIN 40046, Test Na


                             S3 Test Standard:

                             GJB 150.5-1986

                             MIL STD 883H

                             MIL STD 202G

                             IEC 60068-2-14

                             JIS C 60068-2-14

                             JASO D 014–4

                             EIA JED-2531A

                                                   Environmental Stress Screening Test Standard:

                                                   IEC 60749-25(JESD22-A104D)

                                                   IEC 60068-2-14NB(JIS C0025NB)

                                                   IEC 61747-5(EIA JED-2531A)




MIL STD Water Cooled 252L ESS Thermal Shock Test Chamber 2

1.Chamber door

2.Observation window

                          3. Control Pad

                      4. Preheat area

 5. Working Lights

                      6. Cable port

  7. Precooling area

   8.Extensional control pad

              9.Power distribution board

   10.Refrigeration unit room

Structure Mode

Unitary.Test room is up front of test chamber, preheat area is in lower front; precooling area is in upper

back Refrigeration unit room and Power distribution board is in lower back and left side ,Main control panel in the front door, Door opens from right to left. Every test area set circulation air duct system: centrifugal fan blade, fan motor,air baffle,test area ventilation,discharge air door.


  • Exterior material: Both sides static coated cold rolled steel
  • Interior material: SUS304 Stainless steel
  • Insulation material: Rigid polyurethane foam insulation layer


  • Shelves load capacity:≤40Kg(averagely loaded)
  • Test case frame bearing capacity:≤20Kg(averagely loaded)
  • Test space total load weight(shelves and bottom)≤50kg

Chamber door

  • Single door with hinges on the left;
  • Door size:700×600 mm(W×H);
  • Silicon rubber equipped and heating system inside for anti-condensation;

Observation window

Size:280mm×400mm(W×H), coated heating anti frost hollow glass

Cable ports

2 ports with Φ50 mm on left and right sides, with screw caps and Soft silicone plugs.


In the observation window


2 shelves inside for samples; height adjustable

Drain Holes

Condensate water drain holes for condensate water outside

Spill Port

Located at the back of case for condensate water discharging

Mobile Castors

Strong adjustable wheels

Independent electricity room

Adopt back independent electricity room,manage core electricity control equipment,door with locker

Pneumatic use door

With exhaust door and back wind door in independent slot,need compressed air from outside provide motivation.

MIL STD Water Cooled 252L ESS Thermal Shock Test Chamber 3

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