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IP5X IP6X Sand And Dust Test Chamber 1000L SUS304 Interior Material

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 set Price : $8000 >=1 Set
Packaging Details : Wooden case Delivery Time : 35 days
Payment Terms : T/T, L/C Supply Ability : 10 sets per month
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China Brand Name: Envsin
Certification: CE ISO Model Number: ESC-1000

Detail Information

Standard: IP5X,IP6X Test Space: 1000L
Max System Power Approx: 2KW Max System Current Approx: 7.9A
Interior Material: SUS304 Interior Dimension: 1000mm×1000mm×1000mm(W×D×H)
High Light:

1000L Sand And Dust Test Chamber


IP5X Sand And Dust Test Chamber


Sand dust test chamber IP6X

Product Description

 IP5X IP6X Sand And Dust Test Chamber 1000L SUS304 Interior Material




This rain test equipment is a non-standard equipment. The artificial simulated rain test box is used for the external lighting and signal devices and the protection of automotive lamp housings. It is an indispensable testing equipment in aerospace, automobile and motorcycle, electrical and electronics, home appliances, scientific research and other fields.



1 Feature
1.1 Test Space 1000 Litre
1.2 Interior Dimension 1000mm×1000mm×1000mm(W×D×H)
1.3 Exterior Dimension


(Please will be subject to final design )

1.4 Power supply AC380V±10%,50Hz±1 3-Phase, 4-Wire + Grounding Wire(3/N/PE),Grounding Resistance is less than 4Ω
1.5 Max System Power Approx:2KW
1.6 Max System Current Approx:7.9A
2 Specification
2.1 Temp. Range RT﹢10℃~﹢80℃
  Temp. Deviation:±5.0℃
  Temperature fluctuation:≤±2℃
2.2 Humidity Range Note: Test environment conditions: ambient temperature is +25℃, relative humidity ≤85%, no specimen in the test chamber
2.3 Test dust Dry talc that can pass through the chamber hole of 75μm, wire diameter of 50μm square empty sieve
2.4 Dust concentration 2~5kg/m³
2.5 Specimen wind speed ≤2m/s
2.6 Degree of vacuum 2Kpa(adjustable)
2.7 Test Standards

GB4208-93 Sand dust test method

GB2423.37-89 Sand dust test method

JIS D0207

3 Structure
3.1 Structure Mode The test chamber adopts integral structure, and test room is the main body. An electric control cabinet is set up on the right side of the test chamber, with built-in electric control device and operating panel device. The rear and bottom of the test chamber are set up with mechanical and electrical cabin, built-in dust pump, sand dust vibrator and other devices. Vacuum interface device, sand and dust heater, sample storage rack, sand and dust circulation air duct, test room door and other devices shall be set up in the inner test space.
3.2 Material

Exterior material:Cold rolled steel plate + two - sided electrostatic spraying process

Interior material:SUS304stainless steel

Insulation material:rigid polyurethane insulation foam layer

3.3 Chamber Door

Single hinged door *1 set

Alloy pull button door handle *1 set

Large size glass viewing window *1 set

Visual window manual dust scraper *1 set

3.4 Working space shelf Stainless steel grid sample rack x 1 set at the bottom of the test room
3.5 Working space dust heater With fin alloy armoured electric heater x 1 set, can reduce humidity anti caking solidification heat the sand dust
3.6 Working space circulates dust path The pipe circulates sand and dust air duct, which is controlled by the frequency conversion dust pump to blow sand from the dust outlet at the top of the studio and sand from the dust outlet at the bottom
3.7 Test chamber electric control cabinet

Small electric control cabinet is installed on the left side of the studio, with latch door cover plate

Built-in electrical components, controllers, drivers, etc

In front of the electric control cabinet (right front of the test chamber) is a control panel for human-machine interaction

3.8 Test chamber control panel

Human-computer interaction LCD touch screen x 1 sets, integrating touch control and device status information display

Power button switch x 1

Emergency stop switch x 1

Alarm buzzer x 1

3.9 Dust emissions box at the bottom Drawer type dust discharge box at the bottom of the test chamber for collecting and replacing sand dust in the test chamber
3.10 Sand and dust moving device Circulating dust channel dust pump test sand dust circulation operation, dust return mouth sand dust vibration pump to prevent sand dust precipitation condensation
4 Temperature and humidity regulating system
4.1 Temperature control mode The closed-loop feedback heating control system is composed of temperature sensor, controller, solid-state relay drive module and electric heater executive element. Through P.I.D control calculation method, the temperature of the ambient air in the test chamber is controlled dynamically in real time and quickly, so that the temperature of sand dust is increased for dehydration.
4.2 Humidity control mode By the humidity sensor, controller, solid state relay driving module of executive components, electric heater, dry fan feedback dehumidification heating system, through the system Settings, real-time dynamically to quickly test chamber studio environment air dehumidification, the sand dust in a dry environment is not easy to condensate agglomerate.
4.3 Controller PLC programmable controller
4.4 Heating driver Control system output heating signal → SOLID-state relay SSR→ heating actuator (high temperature and corrosion resistant alloy armored electric heater)
4.5 Temperature sensor Platinum gold PT100 Ω thermal resistance temperature sensor
4.6 Humidity sensor Capacitive humidity sensor
5 Sand dust flow control system
5.1 Sand dust flow control mode By the wind speed sensor, controller, electromagnetic valve, AD driver module, frequency converter, centrifugal dust of pump closed loop feedback control system, through P.I.D control way of calculus, the real-time dynamic testing box studio dust wind speed fast fine-tuning control to control sand dust circulation flow.
5.2 Controller PLC Programmable controller
5.3 Driver Digital signal drive stepless converter, AD driver
5.4 Actuator Variable frequency dust pump
5.5 Sensor Electronic wind speed sensor
6 Control system
6.1 LCD touch control system Touch controller module, programmable PLC controller + integrated color LCD touch screen. Set control Settings and state information display in one interface (sample picture is for reference only, details subject to entity)IP5X IP6X Sand And Dust Test Chamber 1000L SUS304 Interior Material 0
6.2 Display interface 7.0-inch 800X480 dot matrix display with TFT color LCD display
6.3 Mode of operation Touch screen dialogue type operation, touch input parameters
6.4 Program Editor User-defined program editor, the default save for a long time, can be cut and change management
6.5 Data Display Set value, measured value, running time, program running state, output state and other information
6.6 Function extension With abundant external output port programmable logic control, intelligent detection tip extension ability
6.7 Data storage and function interfaces 6.7.1 Data storage: The storage information includes test date and time, test target value and test measured value and other main test parameters. The storage sampling time can be set, and the test data of not less than 1 year can be stored. The data can be exported through external storage media (USB disk);
  6.7.2 Data interface: The controller has an extensible USB interface to support data download
  6.7.3 Communication interface: The test chamber with RJ45 data interface, such as the upper PC communication function software, can be connected to this interface to achieve computer remote management function;
6.8 Other function

6.8.1 Fault alarm and cause, processing prompt function

6.8.2 Power off protection function

6.8.3 Upper and lower limits of temperature, pressure, wind speed protection function

6.8.4 Calendar timing function (auto start and auto stop)

6.8.5 Startup self-check function

6.8.6 Set password protection controller can be set parameters

7 Safety protection device
7.1 Sand and dust circulation system

7.1.1 Test Space over temperature protector

7.1.2 Dust pump overload protection

7.2 Heating system

7.2.1 Heater air burn protection

7.2.2 Heater overload protection

7.3 The power supply system

7.3.1 Power supply phase loss and phase sequence error protection

7.3.2 Independent short circuit over current protection control circuit

7.3.3 High current main circuit independent short circuit over current protection

7.3.4 ELBC leakage circuit breaker leakage protection, RC electronic surge wave protection

7.4 Other Test chamber shell grounding protection



Dust proof test chamber is designed and manufactured according to GB4208-93 (equivalent to IEC60529-2001) "Shell Protection Grade (IP Code)", which is suitable for sand and dust test of electrical products with the first characteristic digits of 5 and 6 (IPX5 and IPX6).

The test box can provide non-laminar vertical circulating airflow of dust, which can be controlled regularly. At the same time, it is equipped with a vacuum pump for pumping in the shell of the tested product, and can adjust the pumping volume and pressure difference. In addition, it is equipped with an air temperature control device to ensure that the test is carried out under the standard environmental conditions.

According to the requirements of the standard, this test box adopts the artificial analogy dust environment to test the dust-proof ability of the tested product. The specific requirements and qualification criteria should be in accordance with GB4208-93 (IEC60529-2001) or the relevant standards of the product.





1. Are You Factory/Manufacturer Or Trading Company?

We are factory/manufacturer of Environmental Test Chambers


2. Do You Offer OEM/ODM Service?

Yes, we have rich experience in offering OEM/ODM service. Design service offered.


3. Can machines be used at outside?

With waterproof function, could be used at outsise.


4. What is your MOQ?

Any quantity is acceptable.


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