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990L SUS304 Temperature Cycling ESS Test Chamber

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Price : To Be Negotiated
Packaging Details : Wooden packing Delivery Time : 30-35 business days after received the payment
Payment Terms : L/C, T/T, Western Union Supply Ability : 25 per month
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Envsin
Certification: CE and ISO Model Number: ECS7100-15

Detail Information

Product Name: 990L Climatic Chamber Key Word: Ess Climatic Chamber
Item Name: Temperature Cycling Climatic Chamber Test Space: 990L
Internal Size: 1100*950*950mm (W*D*H) External Size: 1350mm*1890mm*2050mm (W×D×H)
High Light:

SUS304 ESS Test Chamber


990L ESS Test Chamber


Temperature Cycling ESS Chambers

Product Description

990L Ess Climatic Chamber SUS304 Stainless steel Temperature Cycling Climatic Chamber


Designed for high and low temperature test and rapid temperature change ESS test for whole product, machine component, and materials.


Warnings:Below are prohibited
  • Inflammable, explosive, volatile, corrosive items
  • Living things with vital signs;
  • Particle radiation and strong electromagnetic interference;
  • Easy thermal deformation.


Load Requirements:
  • Max. 80 kg/m2 of samples placed inside test space
  • Max. 20 kg/m2 of samples placed on each shelves
  • Max. 2/5 of total volume that samples occupy in test space
  • Any surface area that faces air circulation direction takes up no more than 1/3 of the internal surface area of the Chamber. That too big a specimen will affect the air uniformity and ventilation.


Feature :

Test Space


Internal size

1100*950*950mm (W×D×H) (W×D×H)

External size


990L SUS304 Temperature Cycling ESS Test Chamber 0

Power supply

AC380V±10%,50Hz±1,60A, 3/N/PE, earth resistance < 4Ω

Max. Power

75KW(The average power is about 35KW)

Max. Currency

130A(The average current is about 55A)

Cooling Method

Water -Cooled(Cooling system)

Installation Site

  • Work station ground should be flat, good ventilation; no flammable article, corrosive gas or dust.

  • No strong electromagnetic radiation source nearby

  • Close to drainage system ( within 2 meters for condensate water)

  • The ground bearing capacity not less than 15000kg/m2

  • Prepare proper power supply and water supply

  • If need water or gas supply, should be equipped with in advance

  • Ambient Temp: 5℃~25℃suggested, 25℃~35℃ function well;(for air-cooled model);5℃~40℃ function well (for water-cooled model)

  • Ambient Humid:≤85%RH

  • Ambient Pressure:86KPa~106KPa

  • Installation space assurances, as following

990L SUS304 Temperature Cycling ESS Test Chamber 1











Cooling Water


Water temperature: 5℃≤ water temp.s ≤28℃.If the source of water is air conditioning chilled water, it’s temp is lower than 10℃ ,need to take some measures preventing pipe condensing water.

1.If adopt the design of the air cooling, do not need water.


2.If user need build new cooling water circulation system.Cooling tower standard

≥10tons, or Water chiller refrigerating capacity≥35KW(20℃).


3.Cooling water system :GB50050-1995

Water flow:≥ 10 tons/hour

Pipe diameter:G2.5 inch ×2

Inlet water pressure:0.3MPa~0.6MPa

water pressure difference inlet and outlet:≥0.2MPa

Water request: meet standard GB50050-1995







Temp Test


Note:1.Test with no load, meeting GB/T5170-2008,if no other special notice.


2.Ambient Temp 25℃, good ventilation condition: function well if 35℃≥RT>25℃;Cool down rate and thermal load capacity will be affected by ambient low temperature.

Temp Fluctuation:±0.5℃

Temperature Uniformity:0.1℃~2.0℃

Temp Deviation :±0.1℃~±2.0℃

Temp Gradient:<2.0℃

Linear temperature change rate -

within - 45 ~ + 100 ℃, 15 ℃ / min 

Nonlinear temperature change rate<15℃/ min

Temp Humidity Test



Humidity Range:10%RH~98%RH

Temp. Uniformity:±0.5℃~±2.0℃

Humidity Uniformity:±1.0%RH~±5.0%RH

Temp. Deviation:±0.1℃~±2.0℃

Humidity Deviation:±1.0%RH~±5.0%RH

Temp. Fluctuation:±0.1℃~±0.5℃

Humidity Fluctuation:±1.0%RH~±3.0%RH

Temp Gradient :<2.0℃

Humidity Gradient<5.0%RH


Test Standards


1 GB/T 2423.1 Low Temp. Test

5 GJB 150.3 High Temp. Test

2 GB/T 2423.2 High Temp. Test

6 GJB 150.4 Low Temp. Test

               3 GB/T2423.34 Climate Cycling Test

                   7 GJB 150.9 Climate Test

               4 IEC60068-2 Climate Test

          8 MIL-STD-202G-103BHumidity Test

Load Thermal Capacity Chart

Apply to standard temperature test, the thermal capacity for loading varies from different temperature value.

Temperature and Humidity Control Chart

990L SUS304 Temperature Cycling ESS Test Chamber 2



990L SUS304 Temperature Cycling ESS Test Chamber 3

                                             1.Chamber door                                           2.Observation window
                                             3.Control Pad                                           4.Working Lights
                                             5.Cable port                                           6.Extensional control pad
                                             7.Wheels                                           8.Power distribution board


990L SUS304 Temperature Cycling ESS Test Chamber 4

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